Arrow In My Heart

Oct 21, 2008

:'( I feel very, very heartbroken about all David Archuleta's song lyrics are breaking my heart! ALTNOY? Well, that just plain says that he's still in love with his supposedly non-existent ex-gf! And as for TMH and MH? Well, TMH is just so direct that it hurts my heart! Pierces right through me so much that I hurt! And I don't mean just a normal hurt or ache. I MEAN ACHE. Ugh!!! Why does he have to do this to me?! *Bangs head on wall* Come on, I do so many things for him. I vote, I promote, I gift, I do so much! And he does this to me?! Only 1 way I can express myself now.


Never thought we were meant to be,

But a lurch in my heart,

Kept me from giving up,

‘Cause even a shimmer of hope,

Is enough to carry on,

Told myself,

Just forget it, it’ll never happen,

I’ll wind up with my heart in the dust,

Amongst the hundreds you’ve already broken,

Our hearts, torn and forlorn,

These things you’ll never know,

Yet as I said those words,

I felt my heart in my throat,

Thought of those hazel eyes,

That mesmerizing voice and I knew,

We’ll never be able to forget you,

You brought laughter into our lives,

Tears of happiness, tears of joy,

Telling you, the last time I will,

Never forget what we’ve done for you,

Friendships lost,

Time to never be retrieved,

All for you, but you broke our hearts,

We knew it’d happen one day,

Just never thought it’d be so soon,

Thousand arms out wide, all ready for you,

To give you all that you need,

Many things we’ve done for you,

Many times our fingers ached,

We stood together through the rough times,

Just to make sure that you were happy,

Didn’t care if you knew,

So caught in the moment,

But now I’m feeling the rue,

Can’t say I regret it,

But just wish you knew more than you do,

Never's my word,

‘Cause it’s my feelings in one,

Never, something that will never be,

Never, you’ll never know,

Never, I just never thought it’d be so soon.