Can I Hang On?

Oct 24, 2008

I don't know whether I have enough willpower to NOT listen to leaked songs...! I think I need therapy. But of course, since I'm an Archie, my psychiatrist is going to need her OWN psychiatrist. And I saw her because seriously, which person of the male species would want to be my psychiatrist? In fact, ANY Archies' psychiatrist. Yep, I admit it. We're crazy. Man, Steve had SUCH a bad time banning us after those church slacks! Mmm...
David Archuleta Church Slacks
Ooh! Tee hee. They look like leather, don't they? I zoom up but... then I'd have to blindfold my straying eyes! Bad eyes! Naughty eyes! Ugh. I give up. Hee hee. I gave up trying not to... months ago...! Haha.