David Archuleta vs. David Cook

Oct 16, 2008

I don't know about you, but I'm all for Archie. First of all, which other 17 yr old can survive American Idol that long? I mean, you hear everyone complaining how stressful it is, but Archie has SCHOOL on top of all that and he STILL manages to perform wonderfully and always have that huge smile on his face. You just gotta give him credit for that. I'm not saying Cook didn't work hard, but hey, he still had an extra 3 hours a day that Archie had to use to study.

And as for their careers, any decent AI7 fan will tell you that Archie really did well when he sang 'Imagine'. I mean, even SIMON praised him. Archie's single also debuted at #2 whilst Cook debuted at lets see... #3. One whole step below. We, the Archies, also won him the 'Most Fanatic Fans' and the 'Best Smile' awards. We ALSO got 'Crush' to #1 at iTunes in 8 hours. Cook's 'Light On' remains a shabby #60 or so.

So Cook won AI7, but remember, Ruben Studdard won AI3(I'm not very sure which season. I forgot.) but you don't hear him much. Clay Aiken didn't win, but everyone still knows and remembers him. It's career deja vu I'm telling you.