Am I Romantic?

Nov 26, 2008

So... we had a photoshoot session in BC... There were a lot of teachers in my class... This male teacher came... he was mentioning my poems, so I just let him read 'Truly Yours'... Which, if you ask me, is by far the most romantic poem I've EVER written... He asked me, in his exact words, 'have you read this to the boys?' I was like 'NO!', because, if you ask me, those creatures aren't worth my time, thoughts, paper, or even LED!! Another (female) teacher asked me if it was about any of the boys in my class. URGH! Those aren't boys. Or even human. I can't wait to be able to be in a class where boys are actually... human. Or polite. Hmm... there was this 16 year old guy... I have to admit, I was STUNNED. I first saw him in THE poetry workshop... He was like... a different species!! He was polite, not rude and well... generally he meets most of my expectations in a guy! Not that I like him. Too old for me anyways! Oh boy. I hope no one reads this!

Here's the poem that got me in trouble!

Truly Yours
Why is it, that I feel nauseous every time,
I hear you say the word…?
Why does my pulse race faster than a rocket off to the moon,
When you say it,
Even though I know it will never be,
Mine and mine alone to hear?

To have you hold me tight,
In your arms,
Gazing fervently into my deep brown eyes,
As you whisper the sweetest of nothings in my ears,
Would be my sweetest of dreams come true,

‘Cause I’ll know then,
That I’m really something special to you,
Someone to always hold close to your heart,

To have you call me by that one single word…,
Would truly be Another Day In Paradise to me,
‘Cause you gave me back the hope I’d long lost,
So To Be With You would be being one again,
With all my lost and forgotten hope. ~