Nov 28, 2008

YAY!! I'm finally going... I can't believe it!! The U.S. is like the place where, bringing back an old quote from who-knows-when 'the place of opportunities'. It's such a terrific place. Every book that I read and actually LIKE is from the. Meg Cabot is from there. So is David Archuleta. And ZAC EFRON!! I'm going to Cali. Mmm... tonight I'll fantisize of meeting my beloved Zac...!! Am I insane? Wait... why am I asking YOU that? I need a phschiatrise. Or however its spelled... But I think I'll be TMTH for which ever person is stuck with me!! Stuck with ANY Archie, in fact. We're a... umm... crazy/weird/sick/amazing bunch. Trust me. Been a very proud Archie for... err... 10+ months! Getting a little OT now, aren't I? But who cares??! Not me! This blog is for me to vent. I wanna write about whatEVER I want, WHENever I want. Including in the middle of the night when Jeff Archuleta is wide awake and NOT spanking his son. Oh boy. Oh man. Why did I just bring up that topic? Its a very... sensitive topic for us Archies. I shouldn't have said it. Oh well, no one is reading anyway, right? If there IS anyone reading, please leave a comment or follow this so I know not to write crazy things.