Nov 30, 2008

That's Yen Nee, or as she prefers to spell it, Yenny. She has an older brother Max, who's in my class too. Haha, he's the only person (apart from DJA and ZDAE) whom I reconize from the back. He has a very long neck... She is an anime artist. Or wants to be, anyway. Her drawings are GORGEOUS! What's with me and that word? Ugh. Archie's fault. He's done so much damge to me inside AND out. My handwriting is similiar to his now.

Rebecca Khoo!! Same Khoo as my BFF, but not related. I think.
Rebecca again. Stinking bottle.
Rebecca. Looking at a bottle. Su Wen was drawing a potrait. Of the bottle. I have crazy friends every where. People who draw bottles, people who oogle at Bella from Twillight every single breath he takes, people who are just plain too tall, people who... err... I don't think you need to know my long list of crazed people I know.
That's Su Wen... Haha. The only person who didn't mind me taking her pic. Everyone else kinda... hid. I'd take some pics of the guys but none of them are really worth looking at! Haha... Not very cute.