Nov 14, 2008

Remember that post I made? My previous one? Ha! Turns out she's a lier. A big fat lier. She didn't hurt me too much, but she hurt my friends. That's bad enough for me. Did you know someone cried for her? Saddest part is that I was right. Last night I came up with the theory that she made CJ up. I was right and it just... I mean, I'm glad she's alive, but to betray us like that? Ha! And to think I freaking wrote a freaking poem for her. She made my friend cry! And he's 25. I feel like... hitting her. Poor fella. And I won't be around this weekend to talk to him. Aww, and he's a sweet guy too. I feel bad... And as for Brooke, ugh. She lied to us all. We've never done anything to her.