Can I Do It??

Nov 2, 2008

Can I create like a 20 page fanfic? I need an idea. Once I get an idea, I can keep going. And going. And going!!! I need to write a fanfic. Mmm... I know the ending already if it's a love story! Man, ALL Archies do. It's like a standard thing for every single fanfic to end with a big movie-styled kiss! On the other hand... it always develops into a hug... Urgh. I'm so bored know I can't think!

Kinda off-topic but I'm staring at someone's (non-celebrity) pic! Oooh la la!! Makes me drool! Look at that... mmm. I need to stop drooling over every single hot guy. But there're so many I can't help it!! I don't even care who reads this. You know what? I love every single hottie! Yes I do. Especially Zac. And David. Yum, Zac. Ooh. Look at that hot bod! Omg. Go search 'Zac Efron shirtless' in any search engine and you'll get my point!!