Domain Name!!

Nov 26, 2008

Ok... If there are any of you out there are reading this, I just wanted to let you know that I've FINALLY got a domain! Yup. My err... 3? 4? 5? Month dream? Haha... ! There! I said it. I love to see that!! Love it!! Ahh... finally! Something online I can call my own that is NOT a sub-domain!! Hahaha!!! I'm insane! . Why do I love that? Am I boring you? Well, TOO BAD! You'll get more interesting posts tomorrow...!

Lets see... tomorrow I'll post about my weird obsession over Jamie Oliver a.k.a. JONC! Jamie Oliver Naked Chef!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation! and again... Happy Birthday!!! - uncle haw

Alicia said...