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What's Your Name?
My name is Alicia G. Loh. I DO have a chinese name in case you're wondering, but I never use it...

What Kind Of Chinese Are You?
Well, there used to be this gigantic argument about whether I'm Hakka or Teow Chew... Or however you spell it. My birth certificate was just checked... and I'm Hakka! Long long story. You don't want to hear it.

How Old Are You?
Well, do you REALLY want to know? You might be shocked... Oh well, if you insist. I'm *pauses for dramatic music* 11! My birthday is on 21.11.96! I'll be 12 then! I'm having a online party!!

What's Up With You Blogging At This Age?
Well, I've got a lot of... pent up views on things, and as you can probably see, I'll definately end up sent to a phsychologist if I said all that stuff in real life! Besides, I love the internet - and not just for games! I love to write online.

How Do You Look Like?
Well... I might consider posting later... ok, fine. I will. Let me just go put my logo on the pic. But you're only getting a very blurred picture! I will not risk being mobbed. Or reconized as 'that over obsessed crazy fangirl'!

How Obsessed ARE You?
Well, lets just say that my love poems are almost always for my precious precious David Archuleta. Oh, and of course my lovely Zac.

What Do You Want To Be?
Right now I want with all my heart to be a editor. I mean, I LOVE to edit friends' essays and what-not. I also adore editing my own stuff. Hey, anyone want to hire me? I'm good with tight deadlines. I won't charge, as long as I get my publicity. Or you give me 1 day to go throught 90 pages of bad English.