Nov 27, 2008

Today's post is about the fabulous Jamie Oliver!! Hmm... lets see... what has he done before to me? Oh yeah...! Make me drool. Not over him, you... you... reader! Over his FOOD! Yum... he made me fall in love with food. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he's the reason why I go gaga over blonde guys? Yup. I know I'm lame. Who likes a chef's HAIR?! Only me...! Ahh... JO, the reason why I go to Travel & Living. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't even NOTICE if you cut the channel off!! I remember his 1st show... Jamie Oliver Naked Chef... Yummy food. Too bad he's married. And has two kids around my age... Oh well! I'm not obsessed over him. Just David Archuleta. And Zac Efron. Ooh, and a growing obsession over 20-years-ago Leonardo DiCaprio!! Haha... Leonardo. I'm so insane, but I DON'T EVEN CARE!!