Nov 2, 2008 in

Omg. Dylan (Sprouse) used to be the hottie, but now... well, I can't full on admit that Cole (Sprouse) is hotter because I used to be obsessed over Dylan, but seriously, Cole has gotten a whole lot hotter! He has... become... more... buff. Dylan's jaw is HUGE! So wide. Wow. Even wider than Zac! And that's saying a lot! Oh man. I sound real obsessed over Zac, don't I? Well, I used to be, and I have to say that he'll always have a very very special place in my heart, but David Archuleta is my obsession now. I mean, could David be any more perfect? He's my dream guy. He has all the qualities I want. And MORE!

1. He's cute/hot/sexy.
2. He can sing.
3. He's so humble!
4. He's so sweet!
5. He's so dang caring!
6. He has a very cute giggle (no, he is not gay).
7. Ever seen his arms??
8. He's so innocent (again, no, he is not gay, but he's never been kissed...).
9. He likes Pixar movies.
10. He... well, I can't say he has a hot bod because there's no shirtless pic but...

Need I say more? I love him to bits! He makes my heart jitter. He's my sugar rush. Love ya babe!!!!!!!!!! Wait, am I saying that for Zac or David? Zac, David, Zac, David. Ugh. They're both super super super duper hottilicious!!! Ever seen David do the Wigelow Dance? I have! Ahhhh, can I pass out now? No? Then I'll continue being my obsessive self!! Mmm. I heart Zac! I love David! They're my guys! Love them to teeny weeny bits! Wait... that sounded a little sick... Haha, never mind. My point is... I LOVE ZAC AND DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I keep editing this post? Because I'm too obsessed? Yeah. I know I'm obsessed. And obsessed has 3 S's. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. That's the way you spell it. Trust me. I self diagnosed myself after 1 song, a few lip-licks, and a very embarrassing story involving Honduras and his Mom... Within a single week... ha! I knew a LOT about him. Now, well, lets see... all I DON'T know about him is his underwear size! Everything else, well, I do know! Haha. Hmm... he wears grey Converse jeans... Man. I need a good zoomer. I've got a grasshopper on my computer. Long legs. Like David! Did you know he runs track? And he used to do cross country. Yummy fella.

Dylan has arachnophobia. He's also scared of... clowns, dark water, and giant squids. He's kinda hot. Mmm.

OMG. A JoBro song is playing. They're good, they're hot, but they're my guy's competition. I have a loyalty to NOT be obsessed over them. Besides, we Archies stole the JoBros' fans' title of 'Most Fanitic Fans'! Seriously. There's an award and YEAH, we got it! Go Archie, uh huh, uh huh. He loves us and we love him!!! :-* Muah! I wanna kiss that cheek. Or maybe... haha. Anyone know he's never been kissed? For real. And he's already 17! Never had a girlfriend too! Aww! So innocent! Unlike Joe Jonas... No offense. Did anyone know David graduated from modeling school?