Out Of The Box

Nov 30, 2008

Long story why this post is called that, but lets just say its something Allan Hubert said... Oops! I forget to tell you (you non-existent readers) who he is! He... err... I took a few pics of him but I'm way too lazy to upload them now! He... his job is to make childrens' (until age 18) dreams (or wishes) come true! My wish is to publish something... I'm pretty sure that's hard but he promised to keep trying! Well, that's good enough for me! Most people take one look at my age and say 'sorry, no can do!'. Maybe I'll upload his pic right now... Hang on...

I'm too lazy to just pick one. I'm feeling loopy today. What's up with the blurness? It was clear when I took it. Ooh, see all that paper? That's SOME of my work! Haha, and he hasn't even seen Relapse! Ooh boy, if he saw that... I don't even want to know what he'd think! I thought Moment was err... well, I was very scared when I gave it to him...! Long story. I need a portfolio one day at the rate I'm going. 1 or more poems a week, plus a new chapter of my story. Per WEEK. Ugh. I need to slow down. Take it easy, be a kid. Man, I haven't acted like a 12 year old since I was what? 8? Yeah. 8. Right now I feel like I'm acting like a 19 year old where EVERYTHING I say matters to my future career. Anyone know that feeling? Oh yeah, you probably do. If you're 20! I'm 12. Just turned 12. Tiny little 12 year old. Who talks to sometimes-dru- whoops! Too much info there. I need to quit blabbing. I'm not feeling myself today. I wanna talk to Hex. At least he understands my weirdo outbursts about my luscious Zac. Haha, haven't seen him since Thursday. He promised to give me my dissecton on Friday. Ugh. Guess he forgot. I'm gonna fly to Manila with a hammer, some paper and a pen if I have to! I need that dissection. It's my most valued comment since it's so detailed. Don't know what's a dissection? Thought not. It's Hex talk for a detailed comment every single line of a poem.

I'm drifting here. Back to Allan. He's a nice guy. We had dinner with him yesterday and for some crazy wacky loony reason I mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio... So he told us about his movie... '11th Hour'... I have to admit, Leonardo's eyes are GORGEOUS!!!

Drifting again. Oh well, no one's reading, anyway, right? 'Cause I do NOT see any comments. Well, I see 2. Made by people I know, so they don't really count...!

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Anonymous said...

ai yaa.the pic...adjust pls...crack my neckla

Alicia said...

Err... sorry... can't seem to change the pic! Try twisting your computer instead! :p