Nov 12, 2008 in

So what if this trip happened a few months ago? I'm posting pics.Aww, so cute! Haha, only 7 and... 9 I think - thankfully. Hmm... wasn't the little one wearing a different life jacket?

We bought FRESH prawns from this fella! Oh man. Why didn't I take a pic of those yummy prawns? Grr...Same boys again. We went with them. Oh, and their parents, of course. Now if only I can remember their names... *proceeds to bang head*Now, don't ask me who that is. I have no idea. I only liked the sky. And the big yellow blob on it. Gorgeous weather, isn't it? I know. I went on a boat ride in that same weather. You've GOT to try it. The only thing that would've made it better would be if Zac Efron was steering the wheel. AWAY from Vanessa!!!
I was bored. Very bored. Nothing to do but take pictures of random people doing even more random things. Trust me on that one. Random. Man, I love the word random. Random random random. Sick of it yet? No? Random random random random random random random. How about now? Yeah, thought so.

Ok, I think I've tagged a few more pictures, but I'm too lazy to write any more comments now. I'm gonna write about my Uncle's wedding next. VIDEOS!!!