Relapse - Chapter 1

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Ok, this is a few chapter long story... This is the first chapter! Enjoy! The second chapter will be out soon...
Chapter 1
Dreaming Until…

It was the beginning of March and David Archuleta was on the last stop of his first tour. Tonight, he had to sing his heart out for his fans. They had stood by him from the start, and he wanted to thank them by singing right through the night.

“Do you ever think when you’re all alone, all that we can be, where this thing can go, am I crazy or falling in love, is it really just another crush, do you catch a breath, when I look at you, are you holding back, like the way I do, ‘cause I’m trying, trying to walk away, but I know this crush ain’t going away, going away…” sang David, ending his song Crush.

“You guys are so awesome. I’m gonna keep singing until you tell me to stop!” said David to the thousands listening. He smiled happily as his fans cheered long and hard. He had never been this happy and just wanted this moment to last forever. He lifted the mike to his mouth and began singing again.

David glanced backstage and saw his family, with huge smiles on their face. He was glad that he was able to make them proud. His little sisters were there too, along with his brother Daniel, and his older sister Claudia. They’d followed him through out the tour. His girlfriend was there too. Her name was Hope. As he sang ‘Angels’, he thought of how glad he was to have her cheering him on.

Suddenly, he had an urge to sing Josh Groban’s ‘When You Say You Love Me’. He had sang it on the Idols Tour and loved to sing it still. “Next, I’m going to sing something I haven’t sung in a while. I hope you guys like it!” he announced to his fans, as lyrics began to flood his mind. He hoped he hadn’t forgotten anything. His voice filled the stadium as he belted out the lyrics to the powerful ballad. He hadn’t forgotten a single word or pause. When he got to the line ‘When you say you love me’, he heard numerous voices proclaiming their love for him. He smiled. As much as he loved his fans, he knew that his heart belonged to Hope. They’d been friends for years until one day when David accidentally said he’d liked her and she confessed that she liked him too.

David’s life was a dream come true at the moment. He was doing what he loved most; singing. He had people cheering him on every step of the way. He had his dream girl. How could life get any better?

“Tell me why, I can’t seem to face the truth, I’m just a little too not ov-" his voice cracked just half way through his song. David tried again, with a look of anxiousness spread across his face. “I’m just a litt-" This time, his voice gave out even sooner. He tried one last time, “I’m jus-" He couldn’t continue. His voice had finally given out.

He looked out into the crowd one last time, saying, “I’m sorry!” Then ran off the stage. He was very worried. What if his vocal paralysis had came back? He would never be able to sing again. Even if he went for surgery, he knew the chances he’d still be able to sing were slim.

Backstage, everyone was equally worried. Hope was trying to comfort David, saying that maybe it was just a fluke. He hoped with all his heart that it indeed had been a fluke. He blinked hard. He couldn’t even bear to think of the possibilities.

David was at the ENT department of the hospital. He hadn’t been there for a few years, but he still remembered the dullness and anxiety of the place. Hope was there with him. He needed the support. “Number 9096!” rang the announcer. David glanced down at the slip of paper in his hand. It was his turn.

Gripping Hope’s hand, he walked into the doctor’s office. He’d went for some tests earlier that week, and the results were with the doctor. Thoughts of all kinds entered David’s mind: ‘Will I ever sing again?’ ‘How bad is this?’ ‘Is it vocal paralysis?’ So many, questions, so little time. If it was vocal paralysis, that night was probably the last time he’d ever sing in front of anyone. “Well,” he thought, “At least that was the best night of my life. I made no mistakes and don’t regret a single thing.”
“Sit down, David,” said the doctor. The doctor had the results in his hand. In other words, possibly David’s entire career and life long dream. It was the worst time David had experienced in his entire life. The intensity was just about killing him. He squeezed Hope’s hand even harder, and shut his eyes, waiting for the verdict.