Nov 30, 2008

Ok... so I'm staying at one of my Dad's friend's (business associate/client?) many houses. I'm having Christmas with his family! Only thing is... he has 6 children. But they're ALL boys!!! I can only hope... *inserts ninja smiley* Haha...! Wow. 6 of them. On school holidays. I'll be the one and only girl. Oh boy. I'm gonna need my Archies! I wanna celebrate part of Christmas with my Archies. Lets see. I know what pressies I'm gonna give! Speaking of which, what should I get for the 6 guys? Ages 17, 14, 12, 8, ?, ?. Someone said I should just get 'em socks and be done with it. But I'm thinking David's cd. Yeah. David's cd.

I'm really wishing I had a real life crush... I miss life with a crush. Its so fun. You spend 98% of your time daydreaming about him then eventually figure out he's a jerk and you only like him because of his PS3. Ah, good times, good times.

I'm super bored... I want David to hug me. Mmm. I want to make him into my big cuddly teddy bear. I want hm so badly. He's my dream guy.

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Anonymous said...

i wish i can be there lol x]