Yay! I'm Back!!!

Nov 19, 2008

Yay! I miss my computer! I'd kiss my computer if only it wasn't completely insanitary!! Wow. Home sweet blog. I'm going to release Chapter 3 of 'Relapse' on my birthday so WATCH OUT FOR IT! It's gonna be good, if I'm being honest and not modest...! I managed to wriggle 2 characters into it which are are friends of mine... Those guys had better appreciate it. Or else I'll probably just change the names to... Zac and... Jamie. Or... Moseley and... James. Or... oh never mind. I know they'll love it! Ah, yes. They would. Whoops! Off topic, aren't I? Oh, never mind. Well, I saw a boy older than me cry, if that means anything. While I was swimming someone grabbed my leg... If that means anything. Ugh. I took pics, but I'm not posting just yet. Wow. I missed the forums... I miss a friend... I hope he's fine... After what happened with Brooke... He... well, lets just say he thought I was abandoning him when I said I'd be leaving for holiday... Poor fella. I wanna give him a big fat hug!