Dictionary 1.0

Dec 3, 2008

These words are basically mine. Or words I just think are interesting.

Woot - A word said or typed to express excitment in a party.

Ballsy - Not as disgusting as it sounds. This word means 'courages'.

Fervent - Very passionate

Molton-hot-lava-hot - Need I explain this? An example of this phrase is Zac Efron. Now he is truly hot. I'd sizzle if I touched those arms...!

Archudorable - Just go see David's 3 year old pic. You'll see what I mean then.

Spazzing - The act of doing the following: qwertyuiuytrdfkmdtyujuytrtpoiuytrdsdfghjlkuydfg!!!!!

THUD - What you say when you see a hot pic, because it's the sound of a person fainting - of hotness, naturally.