Dec 8, 2008

Haha, ok so... I had dinner last night with a doctor and his family... Got some pics and 2 videos... *does a ninja* Haha... Very long story... I'll post the pics as soon as... I feel like it lol. :p One of his 3 sons looks like a certain actor... *does a ninja and heads for the hills* Nathan Kress... You know, the actor from iCarly? Who's (sadly) taller than my (I wish) David? Let me go dig up some picture of him..
Haha... now imagine a more... Asian version of him. Like the idea? So do I. Haha... I don't even care if anyone who knows this sees this post. I've gotten to the point where I can talk to someone (online, duh) for a month and call him my big brother when I've previously admitted that I (I was suffering from just-got-back-from-hospital-syndrome) had a crush on him... Thankfully I managed to clear that a week later... Things were getting way out of hand. Trust me. Took a LOT to twist it around. I do NOT want to go back there again. Not now. Not ever. Okkkk... I'm getting a little OT here... Back to the 3 of them...

Lets see... (sorry!) I don't remember the younger 2s' names as they are in Chinese... And I don't watch football... I only remember the oldest just plain because I find the spelling fascinating. :p Lets just say his name is K. I will never ever say names of ANYONE here. For the fear they'll sue me!! Ahaha, I'm lame. The youngest one is so cute! You just wanna pinch his cheeks!! Their ages are;
I think! Lol... Nathan Kress. I can't believe I just said that!!

Wow. We Archies are such spoiled creatures. TG just posted some pics of David... From some photoshoot! Ooh. Look at him. Aww, he's sitting on the bed looking so dang hot... Randy Jackson was right. That boy is molton-hot-lava-hot!!! Wow. Wertjuytshjhfjudkpokmnhgfcdswqazxcvhtf Amazing. Anyone just want to... err... never mind. If you're an Archie you'll know what I mean. Oh man. I can't wait for him to turn 18!!

He is so dang... err... I'll just wait for him to turn 18 to say the word!!