Dec 11, 2008

So, are you guys having any trouble with this blog layout? I'm not sure if you can comment, so I'll just change it back to the original one so that you can post your comments for a while, ok? I'll take that as an 'ok'!

Aww. I just saw someone posting about David never having a first kiss. I think it's cute! Haha. Most guys will just think that it's beyond lame, but those guys are WRONG. I mean, you only get ONE first kiss a lifetime. Why waste it, huh? Let him wait for as long as he wants. I'm willing to wait all the time he needs to grow up... I don't want him to though... Let him just... be him. Don't bad him. Stinking people.

If there's one thing I hate it's people who hate my David just plain because of his err... pureness. Oh! And I loathe people who say my luscious (yes, I know I shouldn't say that) Zac is gay. I mean, COME ON!! Zac is NOT gay! So he err... made a mistake. We ALL do. What's that mistake, you ask? I am NOT telling you if you don't know already! That' right. I DID see it. I saw like 'so what?'. Yeah. Seriously. That didn't even phase me. Not even a little bit. In fact, it wasn't as bad as I THOUGHT it was! Ha! Stupid paparazzi who blow everything up. There's this user on YouTube who faked a video of David supposedly 'admitting' that he was gay! Seriously. That person is sick! A utter sicko.

You know who else I hate because they're sick? The stinking VFTW people. EWW. I hate them. For an Archie to go to their website it's like putting them in a torture chamber! I went there. I was weak. NEVER make the same mistake as I did. You hear me? NEVER! That place... *shivers at thought of torture* Utterly horrible. The things the say... do... NIGHTMARE!!!! If you ever think about entering that place, think twice. Remember. I'm scarred for life. SCARRED I TELL YOU!

Sorry for that amazing long and spazzy post. Just have too many views on all that stuff for a short simple paragraph!!!!