Dec 12, 2008

Ooh. I got a new camera! I really love it! 10 mega pixels!

I'm a little scared about the U.S. trip... IDK why... Hey, you know I told you there were 6 boys? We're going to Universal Studio... Haha. They can't wait to go with me. You know why? Cause then they're allowed to jump queue! Lol... Also they get a carpark right in front! Ahh. The only advantage of being moi!

Do you ever feel like you've just got some hope then... someone says something and BANG it's gone?? I do... I've lost hope then I got some back. But... lost some again...!! Haha... doesn't really matter now. I don't know... some times I feel... emotionless. Like I don't care anymore even though I know I do... I can't even feel excited anymore!! UGH!! Are any of you even reading this??!!