Hi From Far Away!!

Dec 25, 2008

Hi everyone!! It's Christmas Eve here!! This is my first (non-comment) post since I got here so YAY!!! I don't want to give much away about what's going on here... I'll spill next year (LOL did I get you?)!!

But I'll tell you a few things... Err... I'm going to go to Disneyland in a few days. Don't ask me when 'cause IDK.

Anyways, someone's on his way to pick us up now so CHAO 'cause I gotta go.

Bye precious bloggie! Muah!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia!

Belated Xmas greetings to you!
Hope you enjoy your stay in US!!
And Happy New Year!!

AiN said...

make sure u take lotsa pictures eh

Alicia said...

Hi Li Shian!! Happy New Year to you!!! In coming back in the middle of the night... I'll post all about my trip when I get back!!

Hey Ain!! LOL I took more than enough pictures. Trust me!! XD