Dec 17, 2008

Haha, I'm scared... 27 looonnng hours. Then a tour of SF then a 2 hour drive to Sacremento!

Ooh. Got a Christmas Eve party. A Christmas dinner. And a New Year's Eve party! Whoo! Archies love to party! You do NOT want to see or hear us in a party. No, you don't. Trust me.

If there are any of you reading, please comment before I get bored and abandon this place! I'm good at abandoning sites I make... I've got like what? 5? Everything included I think I've got like... 15 sites of my own...! Mostly abandoned. That warning good enough for you?

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AiN said...

in honour of ur request,
i'll do da comment ya.. ;)
envy u for ur trip to US rite?
wish dat i could come along.. (wink,wink)
but then,it's sooo not gonna happen..
btw,i luv ur page..
blue is nice too! =)

Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya said...

hi alicia, I've read about you in kosmo.Dear,You're so calm and cool. Reading about you in kosmo make me respect and admire you.It overwhelmed me. Live on!!!Good luck, Honey.Chayok!!!. Have you ever watch Japanese drama which the title is ''one litre of tears?". That drama is really amazing. If you dun, you can watch it at as online. you can also download it..if u wish to do that,.by using real player.

AiN said...

i read bout u in da kosmo 2..
dat's where i know bout ur site..
i luv u..
u r so damn cute =)
btw,to uceng.kamenashikazuya,
thx da site!!!!!
i always want to watch one litre of tears!
i already watched some of it,
n i'm dying to watch full episodes of it..
thx a lot!!!!! =)

Alicia said...

haha thanks for the compliments you guys! :-* lol I'm used to hugging people online so *hug*

Uceng do you have a shorter name? Aww I have no way to respond to your compliments so :-* and no... I haven't watched it yet... But I will when I get back!!!

I'm not using a computer right now just btw...

Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya said...

just call me nurul my dear..
Act,uceng is my nickname..dat my fren gave me..
i'm fine if u just call me nurul..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nurul!!