Dec 3, 2008

Lets see... I'm eating cornflakes, chatting to someone who's at oh I don't know... 5, maybe 9 (?) places at one time, and going to some literature forums. AT THE SAME TIME. Ooh, my head's gonna explode. Ooh! Ooh! 1 follower!! Yay! Haha. I'm trying to get my uncle to spruce this place up a little. Get some pages... A little less pink... What do you think? Any suggestions? I'm thinking... Well, it's gonna be a suprise!!

I WANNA MEET MY BIG 'OLE DAVID. I WANNA HUG MY TEDDY BEAR ZAC. Err... about ^^... was I being sane? Cause it looks a little... weird. What do you think? Zac's my teddy bear? I think I've officially got off the one way ride bus and got stuck in lala land. Wait... I already did that a year ago... Guess now I'm just... crazy! Ah, Zac. Gorgeous gorgeous Zac.

Haha... someone's complaining about me... He says I'm drooling on his thread. His fault! I clearly remember him telling me I can drool over Zac anytime! =)

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Chempaka Balqis said...

hello alicia,

i read about you in the newspaper today. im impressed with you and your writing. you are only 12 and can write well. i can see another 'j.k rowling' in the making. keep up writing! i will be one of your many fans/readers! bye