Dec 1, 2008

Ugh. I just spent the last who-knows-how-many minutes typing. Then the window crashed. Ugh. I am NOT typing that all over again.

I miss seeing Zac Efron every where I go. I love that face. Gorgeous gorgeousness. *drools uncontrollably* Tee hee. Many guys I know know about my O.Z.D.... Haha, I'm glad that they accept me the way I am, O.Z.D. and all! Haha, though I did err... shock one of them when I posted... Oops, you don't need to know that. Ha, I'm welcome to drool on his thread. His TWILLIGHT thread. Hee hee, I don't crumble his wacky Bella dream, he doesn't hurl me out the thread!! I get a tough time convincing him that she's a fictional character. Yes, I do. You do NOT want to know half the things he says about her. He said he'd cry if she died. I believe him. Trust me, I have my reasons to believe that. You most certainly don't want to see him sad. I have...

Ugh. I hate the Twillight craze. I mean, seriously. It's basically a vampire version of Romeo & Juliet. But I've never read it... Eww. Hate it. But I know so much about it thanks to someone. Ugh. No offense to Twillighters, though. If I had to choose I think I'm Team Edward!