Dec 10, 2008

Make my heart beat,
When thoughts flicker to you,
So deep… So blue…,
I hyperventilate, just thinking of you,
That smile; one corner of your mouth just higher than the other,

Familiar sense of mischievousness,
Dancing about your lips,
I’m craze to even think… I know,
But I can’t resist,
Thoughts already astray,

Heart still pounding,
As your eyes still blue,
Pulse still racing,
Hair still a luscious deep brown,

You’re so far,
Yet a heartbeat away,
Indeed you are reason why,
My heart beats,
‘Til this moment,
So yeah, you’re my heartbeat and so much more. ~

Ancient Rome

Someone’s been killed in ancient Rome,
A mob arrives,
Remnant of family arrive,
To bring their loved one away,
Ready to leave ancient Rome,
They’re angry yet afraid, of what might happen next,

Someone’s been hit with the rod,
His widow mourns,
She tries to protect him, but he’s dead,

People cry out in love and despair,
In their voices their grief echoes,
Filled with pity filled with dread,
But the persecutor lashes out at them,
His face a painting off violence,
Deadly rod in hand,
Ready to murder, ready to kill,
Whoever comes his way.

An injured man crawls away,
His shirt torn to bits,
Traumatized and scarred for life,
People hurt cry in despair,
Eyes close to tears,
Ready to leave ancient Rome. ~