Dec 6, 2008

Just got back from BC... today I had to do... err... some things... For some reason today I miss one of my old teachers - Nick. Haha, that's what not enough sleep does to me. I start to miss random teachers. Ahh, I miss how every single week he'd have to make D stay behind a minute. Or 5!!! *laughs cynically* Those small little girls were so cute... you just want to reach out and pinch their rosy lil' cheeks!!

Ooh... My Baby. Love it. Love the song. 'Gonna get my baby...' Jesse McCartney ROCKS!! 'She let me take her hand and cross the dance floor'... Ooh lala. Just Go... Wow. 'You had you chance...' 'I've got a new love now, she's my new love now, she loves my so...' Ahh... now, why can all guys sit under some girl's window reciting Shakespear and singing some romantic song?? Wait... I wouldn't normally say that... Sorry. Lack of sleep. Woke up early yesterday. Couldn't sleep... Blah blah blah... Just bear with me, ok?

Had a placement test in BC last week. Results are out. I got... wait for it... 61/64!! Not bad... 64/64 would be a TON better, but I HAVE to say that it's a big fat load better than 45/64, like someone got. No names. I'll never put names just incase people err... THINK anything. With all my poems like that I can't take any chances!! Haha...

Ugh. Stinking HTML's. Hate them. Need them. Bad at them. URRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Editing some HTML for my blog... *puts annoyed smiley*