150th Post

Jan 12, 2009

Oh wow this is my 150th post!! Yay for me!!

Oh wow look at my gorgeous David. New photos leaked out. Not that I'm posting 'em. You could sue me! I know I would sue me for making me faint!! I feel light-headed already. Oh look at my sexy latino. Oh man did I just say that? Wait... is it legal? Haha... I don't think I can forgive myself for saying that. If I said that 'bout Zac then yeah but David... he's a different story! Oh who cares?! That boy is sexy and no one can deny my right to say that!! L-l-look at that flawlessness. Flawless skin. Perfect eyes. Perfect hair. Adorable smile. Hottilicious smile. What else? Man that shirt... so white... so thin!!! I- oops. Going overboard there. I'm not 21 yet. I'm not 21 yet. I'm not 21 yet. *Refrains from saying anything insane* Aww what do you care? That shirt is so thin Teddy could rip it off. And he's a poodle!! Wait - why did I just say that? I don't know who could be reading... What if someone I know actually reads this? Man I'd be in for it then!! Eh, who cares. What can they do to me? All I did was say some stuff... And David's 18 now anyway, even if I'm not!

Wait- WHAT?! I just Google Zac Efron Hawaii (you have no need to know why) and I got a bunch of results for their 'wedding in Hawaii'. What the world?! Lemme click on one of it... meanwhile, isn't Zac hot? And don't say he's gay. They went to Hawaii AGAIN?! Yeesh how many pictures of them kissing in the water do they want exactly? I'm a younger fan and much as he didn't turn me away like he did others, it still bothers me because Vanessa is such a... such a... well, let your imagination take you. Oh. They didn't get married. One of Zac's relatives did. Yeesh. Talk about freaky. I was so scared!! Stinking misleadings. So very very annoying.

Ah, now where was I? Oh yeah. My sexy latino (man I can't say that enough times, can I?). Haha yeah... he's so... amazing. He can be a cute little baby one minute, and the next... you don't even know him. I was looking at one of his baby pics and a recent one at the same time and it's like... 'whoa who's this guy?', you know? No, I don't think you know...

Haha listening to Britney's Toxic now. Ooh la la that's a nice song!!