Jan 21, 2009

Nothing left in me. I wrote on my book for over 2 hours. Does damage to a girl. Well, my dad just dropped a bomb on me. I might be leaving for the US on the 16th of Feb. Great. Oops, I forgot to tell you why. Haha... The operation will be done there so...

Whatever I don't feel like talking about it ahaha. Now lets see, what should I yack on about today? I'm drained. All the writing I just did has wiped everything out of my. Uuuggghhhhh!! I'm listening to a song to help me uNwInD. Wow. Too bad it's not in English LOL. Ahahahahahahahahaha I'm weirrrdddd.


Robby - ...?

NOT GONNA MENTION ___, SUCKERS - You're alive, but you aren't talking to me!! *Cries* Ahaha wait- I don't miss you that much... or do I? Yeah, I do... I really do. Boy, get your hands typing! Now. Before I blow up.

YET ANOTHER PERSON WHOSE NAME WILL NOT BE MENTION - Aww... *hugs* I love those words... Reads again and again

Elaine - Aha see you on CNY