Jan 23, 2009

So I'm browsing through blogs... because I'm bored. Found a Japanese blog. Whatever, like I know any more than 'arigato'.

Ugh I feel a headache coming on. Aww poor Hex has got migraine again. Uh oh my head... maybe I'll fly to Manila and go to the hospital with him. Haha then maybe it won't be so BORING. Yeah that sounds good. Aha maybe their hospital has doctors that are actually RESPONSIVE.

Dizzy now... Yichu!! Where are you when I need you to rub my poor head?! *Smacks someone nearby* Aha. You see? I used to say 'haha'. Now I say 'aha'. YOUR FAULT!! I talk to you too much but who cares? I talk to Hex to much and I'm one post away from saying 'ayt'. It's also your fault that I can't think of a penguin without thinking of you. And because of Rafe I can't think of roast duck without thinking of pea soup. Great.

This sucks... I'm bored. Jasmine is in school so can't sms her... Eww I found a blog from PERU. Ugh... Where's Chris? Not on. Or is he? Ahaha.

So I'm still listening to a song... haha (see? I CAN say haha). Now I've got bloggers' block so lets just go to Zac.

OMG isn't Zac hot? Wait- that's wrong. Redo! OMG isn't Zac sexy?! Much better. Yeah he is. It's like... he's intoxicating!! That face. Those eyes... That body... h-h-ho-hot!!!! Molton hot lava hot, baby! Oh yeah. *Drools*. That guy is so... IDK what he is now!!