Jan 23, 2009

Aha, don't worry. I ain't shutting this down yet. Even though you people aren't leaving comments *very annoyed face*. Going away for CNY. Yay! Can't wait for the horrible weather. Yeesh. I love it and all that blah, but the weather is painful!! Help!!

Oh boy. Writers' block!! Wait- what do I mean oh boy? Yeesh this is time for an oh man not an oh boy!! Ugh I only wrote a single paragraph today on my story... Yeesh. I think I know why I've got writers' block... Aha not gonna tell you. Lets just say it has to do with a song. Not gonna say anything else. It's driving me nuts!! It's like... oh never mind (here on known as NVM since I'm too lazy to write it over and over again LMAO). Wait- does anyone here know what LMAO stands for? Thought not. Figure it out yourselves!!

LOL ggrrreeeeaaaattttt. I asked for a crush and now I freaking got one. Great. Just plain great. Now I'm imagining life without daydreaming of him. Yeesh this sucks. Ahh there's this one thread on the LA that's titled 'boys' LOL I freaking love that thread because I can say how much I hate those creatures that are meant to be human there because everyone else says it too. LMAO I'm insane today. And if you freaking thought I'd mention his name you are WRONG. Aha I don't feel bad saying I've got a crush because I'm crazy today, but I ain't crazy enough to mention his name!! Aha... maybe I'll tell him I like him later if I'm feeling crazy enough!!


SephirotH+ - No, you're not my crush. Aha... Though-


NOT GONNA SAY HIS NAME EITHER, SUCKERS - I still miss you... Don't leave me...

Joseline - IDK if I spelled your name right but you'll never read this so whatever.

SM - Yeesh see ya wouldn't wanna be ya! Wait- what? Aha sorry just felt like saying your name.

Okayyy... enough SHOUTOUTS. This is getting boring. Ugh stupid crushing.