Jan 28, 2009

Well, I'm in Ipoh now but I'm too impatient to wait for home to post here... and I'm going home in what? 2 hours? Go me, aha.

Anyways... Lets see; what did I do in Penang? Oh yeah. Eat. Play. Aha... my 3 cousins... Who are they? In order of age:

Shik Ming - 15
Elaine - 9
Joseline - ...?

LMAO I forgot someones... *sheepish grin*. Fun stuff...

Next topic!!

Steamboat wasn't as good as it was some years ago when I only went there to eat it... It used to be WAY better, trust me. Very hot but not as bad as last year LOL...

Aunty Javen (though I can't pull myself to call her 'aunty') was there for the first time, which was nice, because our Manderin is both... terrible, so I had her to talk to, which was pretty fun...


Aunty Javen - Hey hey...

Aunty S, and Uncle T - Ooh la la geniusness.

SM, Elaine, and Joseline - SM you succeeded, I'm guilty to say!! The two little girlies... who won, anyways?