Did I Tell You...?

Jan 31, 2009

Well, I think I forgot to tell you that I'm leaving!! Yeah, I'm leaving to the States on the 16th! Yeah. And do you know when I'll be back? You don't? Fine, I'll tell you: the 18th of August!! Why? I'm doing the operation in the US... Woot!!


Ooh la la Valentine's Day is coming... only 'bout 2 weeks to go!! Let's see; what am I doing? Hmm... *plans* I got an idea... oh fine, that idea came a week ago!! Hey did I ever tell you that I told my crush I liked him? Aha, I probably shouldn't have said that. Yeah, I just typed it and hit the button 'send' and woo hoo!! I told him! That was pretty easy, though my heart was going 'thump thump thumpity thump beat beat beeb beeb beeb!!!!!' so that was kinda... stressful. Ahahaha. Then I told him and he was pretty cool about it so whatever. Aha, I'm planning to- oops! I forgot. That guy might be reading this, and I don't want to spoil the surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aha he's not (no offense) really very cute, but he's sweet! Very honey-for-breakfast-and-sugar-for-lunch sweet!!

Okaayyyy, I gotta go now, so CHAO!! And you know I love ya!!