Jan 31, 2009

Well, as you can evidently see, I've managed to access the internet with my dad's computer, so that's the good news. The bad news? It might hang/crash at any second. Yay!

But I'm getting a Macbook Air soon, so who cares? Oh yeah; I still gotta wait for a few weeks, and I might not be able to go online. Jeez.

Oh, and did I mention that I lost over a week's worth of hard work? A WEEK OF WRITING EVERY DAY!! Man, I'm so glad I sent it to Chris and Yichu; they saved me! If it weren't for them, I'd have lost my story. I officially love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine - Come ON!! Why did Kev let us out for break so laatteee??? It sucked!
Shahira - Like David yet? Girl, you gotta be kidding me!!
Rizal - Boy, are you reading this? If you are then see you soon!
Nural - Oopsies I hope I spelled your name right! Ahaha...
Chris & Yichu - You saved me, so here's an extra long shoutout for you LMBO:
Miss y'all so badly and when will you guys fly over here?! I need to hug you like now!!! Man you saved so much!!! *Hugs*

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Alicia said...

Yeesh, no one's here.