Jan 19, 2009

Well, today I just came back from the stupid hospital. Bear with me here. My head is throbbing and I'm amazed I can type. One word: HEADACHE. And man am I mad. The doctors made me go for xray (which I need anyways but whatev) then I was SUPPOSED to get admitted but the stupid doctors had a misunderstanding and I didn't have to get admitted thankfully, but we didn't see anyone who did much. After waiting for FIVE HOURS. Help me slap/whack them? I spent 5 hours sitting in a ward with nothing to do but watch a boy sit there after he woke up, another boy do the same thing, and a third who was... err... crazy. Literally. He had the brains of a 3 year old. Poor thing... I think he started self-harming too. Aww. Haha his mother lifted up his shirt for no reason LOL. Scars all over for no reason that I can think of. His mother yells at him a lot. Aww, I think I know a bit more about him than that. He just needs someone to understand. Firm yet... kind, you know? Poor guy... He's older than me though.

So whatever I'm mad. Angry, I mean. Ugh!! Can't they see I've got better things to do? Like write a BOOK, for example, or talk to my FRIENDS. UGH!!! Stupid hospital. When you go there often you'll get what I mean.


Uncle CK - You message is simple... *hugs*!!

Uncle Haw - Leave a comment so I know you're lurking. Ahaha this is a very crazy girl.