Funny Cali Moments

Jan 5, 2009

These are the funny moments...

So when we were on our way to the airport in LA we weren't sure if our flight (9pm) would get canceled or not so we went for the 8pm one and we were running late!! OMG Rafe was so... *searches for right word* cute in the car (OMG am I even allowed to say that? Who am I kidding? This is MY blog. My rules LOL)!! He was on the verge of a meltdown because he didn't want to spend the night in the airport!! He was like 'I miss my bed! It's a snuggly bed too!' that was so funny I couldn't stop giggling (silently) until we got there! When we got there he was jumping up and down!! Haha that was so cute!

And in LA after we went shopping Aunty Robitah came to pick us (me, my mum, Liyana, Raeef, and Rudy) up... The Raeef was supposed to sit on Rudy's lap (no room) but he refused to... so Rudy had to sit on him... which I found was hilarious because Rudy was like a foot taller than him!! Raeef still refused to sit on him so Rudy stayed there for a good 5 minutes!!! Eventually he gave in... Even after that I was laughing like a maniac (I think they thought I was delirious then...) all the way because they were sitting beside me and Rudy's face was getting squished with Raeef's nose!! LOL it sounds lame when you type it like this but when it happens to you you'll laugh WAY harder than I did!! Trust me.

Let's see... what else... random but... I LOVE COTTON CANDY!! Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this. Send me some cotton candy, will ya? *Puppy dog face* Come on, please???