Hey People Of The Earth!!

Jan 8, 2009

Greetings! My name is Nocoal from Planet LaLaLand!! My planet is in trouble! Please help me we lack water! Now I understand your planet's supply is diminishing too, but please spare us some!

et off, alien! Get your OWN blog! Yeesh. Quit bugging me.

Fine, if you don't wanna save me and my planet then BYE. Marsians are nicer anyways!

tinking alien. She has a point though I guess.

Hey!! My LAST baby tooth just fell out!! Thanks a lot Orbit Gum. That saves me a teeth pulling.

Oh! I'm writing ANOTHER novel!! Haha I wanna publish it bbaaaddddlllllyyyy!! Scholastic call me back! Puffin? Hey, anyone wanna sponsor me a MacBook Air?? Come on. I'll write WAY faster that way!! I'm writing the novel AND it's sequel at the SAME TIME!! My 2nd and 3rd novel, LOL. I'm such an overachiever. If I had an Apple I'd do it super faster!! Wouldn't you like to see me publish my first book and know that you helped? Come on, people!! Pleeaassseee??

OMG Liyana got me addicted to Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'!! I love it to bits!! Gorgeous Jesse McCartney. Wow. He is FINE! That is one hot boy. 'Hey girl it's over...' Love him. Of course my love for him is a fraction of that I have for my David and Zac. Ooh! My Zac... he's so hot I get hot just thinking about him! And as for David... every time I watched him on AI on TV last time I used to get EVERY warm...

LOL I really wanna get my novel published. I can complete BOTH of them in two weeks if you asked me to. If you promised to publish it. Or your father is the owner of Puffin. Then I'll do it. 3 weeks tops!

I gotta go now so CHAO!!