I'm Super Scared, You Guys!!

Jan 6, 2009

I'm so scared!! I'm scheduled for an operation... on the 10th of March... It's like a major one so :'( They're gonna cut open my back and fuse rods in it! My risk is double of a normal kid... They've never done on my case. EVER. Not in the entire Malaysia. I- I- I-'m scared!!

Sometime soon (I forgot when... I always forget appointments, LOL) I've gotta stay there overnight to see all the doctors and blah blah blah. I'm scared of that too... I hate to listen to doctors!! They make me go crazy. As into after an appointment I pretended I had a crush on someone and told him. That crazy. I do NOT want to go through that again!! It stinks to have someone think you're crazy in love with them!! Seriously. That's the level of insanity doctors make me reach. Have you ever done that? You don't want to try it. Trust me.

So how???! I don't want to get my poor back torn open my knives with blood gushing out!! My risk of blood lost is also double, btw. Gruesome, I know. And besides... I won't die if I don't go!! Just that my lungs will get crushed... *cries* What should I do?? People I know are like 'just do it!' or whatever but IDK I'm sscccaaarrrrrrreeeeeeeeeddddddddddd!!! IDK about you but a major operation is scary me since I'm only 12!! And if anything goes wrong... I'm only 12!! I've still got my entire LIFE to go!!!

Whoever is reading this... I'm pretty sure I got my point across... I'M SCARED!! Hey, do you know any doctors overseas? Not Singapore though... they haven't done either.