In Class Now

Jan 17, 2009

Haha I'm in class now... But typing here haha I'm a bad girly. *Smacks own head* LOL whatever. My teacher is Kevin this year (hey Yichu he's a Canadian, just like you!)... He's ffuunnnnnyyyy. Now where's Jackie? She said she'd come and see me... Oh well. Guess she's busy. She wanted to talk to me about my story *gets scared*. Guess it was that bad then that she has to tell me in person. *Sad face* Oh well. The sequel will be better. Hey, IDK what to name my main character 'cause I HATE the name Daniel Wooding...

Craiggy - You saved my butt!!! Thanks...
HK - Still missing you.
Sorry I gotta go soon so no more SHOUTOUTS, ok?