Just Another Poem

Jan 15, 2009


So much has happened,
So much more will
But now I'm truly scared,
What will happen next?

My walls are crumbling,
A new one's being built,
Now I'm not sure which one I like better,

But the choice is not mine,
My destiny's being written for me,
Can't break away,
Just gotta hang on,

Never been so afraid,
My walls are gone,
Out in the open,
All alone and petrified,

Hear my plea for help,
Answer me now,
My walls are shaken,
As am I with it. ~

Well, that's yet another poem. Yay for me that's the first poem that I've written that's not a love poem!! Yay. Great, I got love on the brain without the guy to match it to. Do you know how much easier it'd be to write if the person actually existed?! Part of me wants to force myself into a crush just to be able to write. And then when I crack I 'admit' to that person that I'm in love with him. Then I come over here and say that I hate him and he reads it. And gets heartbroken. Wow, that sounded real sick. Moving on!

That poem is true for me... you have no need to know why. Haha... this is the second time I used the 'walls' concept. Whatever. You know what kind of scared I am??

Imagine being an eaglet. You're on the edge of your nest. You're scared to jump off and fly, though you know once you do it'll be the best experience of your life... but you don't know how you'll land; how to turn.

Okkkkkaaayyyy enough of that. Too random and depressing, isn't it? Yeah, it is. Ssooo... hey, what should I write? I wanna submit something to HarperCollins...

OMG I'm watching the best video EVER!! Haha Danny. Crazy crazy Danny. Noriega I mean. Danny Noriega. "She doesn't get that I'm a sexy, intense..." what the world?! LOL!!
Danny Noriega weird video involving purple walls


Rebecca - Post more commeeeennntttttsssss!!!! Oh, and don't you DARE spam me.

Yan Nee - Oi!! Same applies to you.

Danny Noriega - If you wanna move in with her then do it already!! Yeesh.

David Cook - I need not mention how disgusting your belly is. I've seen it, and no, I do not want to see it again, thank you very much.

VFTW people - I hate you. Quit everything. Don't you have a LIFE?!

Archie - I mean the person, not David. Haha IDK your real name and I'm bored.

2 Comments So Far:

Anonymous said...

hi alicia,no need to be scared,believe in yourself and the Lord.from the small girl i met many years ago and u have grown so much and so good in your writing,will pray that your book will be published soon and i want a copy with your signatures on it.is ok to let me read your blogs i was young ones and i can understand u don't worry.i hope u don't mind if my english is weak.take care.sylvia

Alicia said...


Well, I hope I can publish it FIRST!!

Haha you can read just don't judge me *ninja*.