The Last Chapter

Jan 3, 2009 in

Disillusioned with the meaning of family and love, 17-year-old Piper tries to take her life when her mother disowns her and all possibilities of a bright academic future are lost. 
And just when life seems to be falling apart, along comes hazel-eyed Jaeson, who rescues and gives Piper all the attention and refuge she has never experienced in her life. 

The question is, who is this boy who seems to know Piper's deepest needs? He knows all her secrets: the truth about her family ad history, and things she didn't even accept about herself.
From the promising young writer Alicia Loh comes a novella imbued with mystery and emotions. Loh's candid prose also tugs at our heartstrings as young Piper struggles to understand the meaning of life's tragedies.

ALICIA LOH is 13 years old and lived in a place where dreamers reside. She absolutely loves to write and blogs at She is an animal lover and has lots of fish. She is also addicted to Twitter.

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Josephine said...

Hei Alicia I am Josephine and I have just finished reading the last chapter. When is the continuation coming out? The suspence of whether Jaes dies or not is killing me. Can you tell me and then when the next book comes out, I will go get it at MPH. Please do reply.

Alicia said...

Hi Josphine,

As I posted a couple of days ago, I've just recently started writing the sequel, so it's going to take a little while! I'll definitely post to keep you and everyone updated. :)

anneazrn said...

i read the last chapter. It wasnt what i expected. It was thin but full of great surprises. Im impressed.

Anonymous said...

HI!!! :) i just read about you in the papers and i admit i'm totally impress... what inspired you to write The Last Chapter??

ElizaWongYanie said...

Can I get a free sample? Haha. Joking. I really love reading and I may be interested in this particular book. Wow, must feel amazing meeting with David. He should have won rather than David Cook. AWW, big mistake for America. Umm, BTW, no offense, its "appearances". Heheh...

Alicia said...

Anneazm - Glad you like it! :)

Anonymous - A whole bunch of thing haha..

Eliza - Wooooooot! Guess you're an Archie too, eh? :) OOPS haha. I probably wasn't thinking when I did that one XD I've been thinking of changing the sidebar titles anyway...

Alicia said...


ainaaabdul said...

hey alicia ;D
omg omg omg!
ohmigod i dunno why am i writing this omg thing ;P but oh girl, you published a book? and at thirteen too! well maybe that's why i'm writing omg all over again . O.M.G.
and oh gosh, i dare say you've got some talent there. writing a book is not really easy, yeah? you know, i'm fourteen now, and last year i real real really wanted to become an authoress, like you ;) but i will just switch on my pc, type type type, and then i will get bored and switched it off back, without even finishing a freakin chapter (pssshhh :P)
and i really want some advice from you :] ouh pretty please? can you tell me how to write a book without getting bored? (harhar what a stupid question!)

Rachel said...

LOL, I read the last chapter twice already. And I really want to know if Jaeson is still going to be alive. Can you please tell me? :D

Alicia said...

Ainna - Hmm this is jeva vu lol. I remember answering your comment… Guess blogger didn't publish it haha. Or did it? I'm confused now. XD

Rachel - Lol wooot for reading it twice! But you're going to have to wait to find out hahaz. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm Nadeera.I've read about your book The Last Chapter in the newspapers and I have been very interested in reading it. Unfortunately, when I search my local bookstores,I can't seem to find it. Therefore I have been wondering if I could purchase it directly from you through post(I live in Selangor,Malaysia).I am willing to pay for any postage cost together with the cost of the book.I hope you would reply to this comment.

Alicia said...

Hi Nadeera!

Thank you for your interest in my book. :) Have you checked MPH? There are copies in 1Utama, as well as other outlets too. You can also order it at .

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Nadeera again.Thanks for the reply.=) I guess I'll check the book at Mid Valley the next time I go there.

Alicia said...

I'm pretty sure they have it there. :)

Yasmin said...

hi aliciah! i've read The Last Chapter and it's awesome! when will the sequel coming out? :)

Anonymous said...

hi alicia! i wonder if there's a sequel to this? if so,when will the sequel comes out?