More Randomness...

Jan 9, 2009

Oh my David!! More super duper hottilicious pictures just came out!! He's is so s---!! LOL sorry couldn't help it... I wanna drench him in water. Dunk that boy in water than fish him out. Oh dear this is getting a little... hmm... LOL I DON'T CARE!!! This is my blog where I'm free to write what I want, baby! Haha... I love my blog. Back to a certain boy... he is so ______ Wow. Only he "can take me sailing in your deepest eyes, bring me to my knees and make me cry".

Those pics... HOTNESS OVERLOAD!! Where's the ER? I'm going to faint soon!! David, what have you done to me, eh? And why do you have to be 18? Now you're no longer legal for me!! *Cries dramatically* Wow. Why is that shirt so thin it looks like it's about to break?? o_0 Bad bad girly!!

Okkkaaayyyy... now just to save my own skin in case anyone I know comes on here...

Did you konw taht siecntsit stidues sohw taht erevnoe can sitll raed eevn if the ltetrs are splleed wnorg as lnog as the frist and lsat letrts are the smae?

Could you read that? I bet you could!! Haha ok I can't help it now so please just bear with me!!

Awetghhgfdplky Zachary David Alexander Efron!! Why do you have to be so hot? Why did you have to go to Hawaii with that girlfriend of yours and let paparazzi take pics of you? That made me explode!! You lost many young fans *coughwhoaremyagecough* but not me!! I still stand by you no matter what! Even if that Eqqous (or whoever you spell it) thing was true!! I'm a hardcore fan, baby!

OMG another David picture. Goodbye 17 yr old David, hello 18 yr old you! Gorgeousness!! Look at that boy. He knows how to make a girl THUD. Yes he does. Wow. Haha, he's hypnotized me and I'm falling into his trap! I can't get out, but I don't think I want to!!!! SAVE MEEEE!!!! That David... I fell into his trap and I ain't ever getting out!! And I used to say he's innocent. Yeah, innocent of everything except MAKING GIRLS SCREAM HIS NAME AND KISS HIM!!!

Wow. I can't say much more. That face, those arms. Those gorgeous gorgeous arms...

OMG I just had a frightening though... What if my teachers come on here?? I'm toast, man!! Eh, who cares. This is the only place where I can spazz. Not even the New Home (a certain site) can let me do that!! Haha so if any of my teachers are reading... *waves* please excuse me for my very inappropriate behavior!! It's not my fault they *coughDavidandZaccough* did this to me! I was perfectly normal until they came into my life!!

Back to my randomness... Ooh la la what have you done to me? Oops that reminds me of one of my poems!!

What Have You Done

Heard the softest of whispers,
Thought it was you,
Then it faded away,
You’re always in my mind,
Every breath I take I think of you,
What have you done to me,
You sexy jerk?

Got my heart beating,
Pining away second by second for you,
Never brought myself to yearn,
Yet you made me throw everything aside,
And cry down on my knees,
How you did it I’ll never fathom,
But you grabbed my heart,
It’s all yours now,

What have you done, I repeat,
Could it be your luscious eyes,
Your mind-blowing voice, perhaps,
Tell me – I’m aching to know,
What have you done? ~

Haha, very insane poem I know. I also know that it also doesn't make sense. FYI, that poem is NOT written about either David or Zac. Don't ask me who it's about 'cause I'll never tell you!! Ahahahaha!

Wow, this is a very long, crazy post, isn't it? Haha I'd better end it.