Oh. My. Gosh.

Jan 9, 2009




Wsdfghjplkjhgfghjkoiuytrdnjhgfsdfghqwertyuiopmlokuxcdfh!!! I. Just. Finished. My. Novel. Seriously. I. Mean. It. Ok, fine, I'll stop writing 1-worded sentences now. Haha ssoooo... anyone know a publisher? Haha I just know that you'll like it. Trust me. I got quite a few people addicted to it LOL. Don't ask me how *ninja*. Now I'm writing the sequel... Ugh I feel so dang cruel to my character. I'm making him suffer so much. In the first one I took away his dream. Now in the second one I take away his girl. Yeesh I'm a bad bad girl. Haha so... anyone?

Man I'm bored. For a girl who's just finished her second novel I don't seem very excited, do I? LOL a new section in my blog will be called SHOUTOUTS. If I've met you recently or I am going to I'll post your name!! Here's my first SHOUTOUT.


Jackie McMullan - WOOT!! See you tomorrow!

Ros - Same applies... haha can't wait to see you!!

Benieke - Woot from the A to the Z and same applies to you to LOL.

Oliver - LOL combine everything of the above and thanks a whole LOT for making me obsessed over the book haha...

Ain - Ahh, my fellow blogger, where have you been? I haven't seen a comment from you in days!!

Yan Nee - You'll never see this post but I don't care 'cause you're an AMAZING artist!!

R Wong - Hey, any of you reading this? Haha I don't feel like listing all your names so yeah, R Wong. Haha that applies to ALL of you.

And that concludes today's edition of SHOUTOUTS! Hope you enjoyed that pleasant (or insane) read, people!

Haha I'm crazy... how many times have I said I'm crazy/insane, anyway? Who cares LOL. Eww I'm listening to Miley's Fly On The Wall. Yuccckkk!!!! Rizal, where are you when I want to talk about how much I hate her?? Ahh, I miss mocking her. You're the best at talking about Miley!! Haha eww watch her she looks like a... oh never mind. Ugh. If that rumour was true that she tried (and failed) to kiss my David... UGH!! He did a right thing walking away!!

LOL very weird post... anyways, back to my novel!! Now that I'm done with it I can relax a little (not really... the sequel is haunting me) anyone want me to edit essays and what not? I can do a very good job!! Trust me.