(Part Of) My Trip!!

Jan 3, 2009

Ok... The flight was from KLIA to HK (did I mention the 'I heart HK' magnets bug me because I know someone with that name?) then to San Fransisco... and a 2 hour drive to Folsom. 3hrs 20mins to HK and 11hrs to SF. The wheelchair they give there is HUGE!! As into I could sit on Zac Efron's lap with David Archuleta beside us and still have plenty of room to have a party (do you know the amount of things I'd do to make that happen LMBO?)...!! Haha... Anyways the HK (man do I hate saying that! I miss the person and this reminds me of the person!!) airport is more like a mall (yeah, you get used to saying that after awhile)!!

Ahh, and when we got to SF Uncle CK picked us up with Uncle Jordan... And we drove back to Folsom...! Then we ate at Mimi's Cafe with Uncle CK, Uncle Che (sorry but I'm not sure how to spell your name!), and Navi (not sure how to spell either...) where I ordered a chicken pot pie which was too huge to finish... but delicious.

Then err... oh yeah! We went to where we were staying then we met Liyana who's staying there too (complicated)... She's nice! After that Uncle CK, Aunty Robitah, Rudy and Rafe came to say hi... I was wearing my pj's (which was thankfully just a t-shirt, and a pair of long pants...) when I went to say hi... Rizal just texted me to asked me to give y'all all the juicy details of what I thought of them (Rudy and Rafe, of course *rolls eyes*) so... you know what? I don't care if they read this!! Let's see... Rudy first... Hmm... what's there to say? I'm too lazy to think right now but I guess he's a little short... But nice! Rafe's turn. Let's just say that he can pull off weird things (think David doing something weird but looking totally normal) like... err... well, I ain't gonna say any more because I'm scared!!

After they left we went to sleep. I slept at 11 but woke up at 1am... Then I couldn't sleep so I stared at the ceiling until 3am when I got hungry and ate bread (which is the only thing I hate about the U.S.. Their bread stinks!). I slept back at 5am and woke up at 3pm in the afternoon. Behold the wonders of jet lag!!

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Anonymous said...

welcome home.happy new year!

Alicia said...


Happy New Year to you too!!