Too Lazy To Figure Out A Title For This So DEAL WITH IT!!

Jan 16, 2009

LOL weird title, eh? Haha there's only ONE reason why I write 'LOL' in capital letters and that would be a certain iPod's fault. Every time I wrote 'lol' it'd automatically correct it to 'LOL' so yeah... Haha I miss that cute little iPod! Even if it DID have a Vikings wallpaper... Haha...

Whatever I've got bloggers' block today ahaha. So I guess I'll just write 'bout what I wrote today... Well, in Voice 2... let's see, well, I came up with an INSANE idea for it today. Just insane enough that I decided to put it in... I'm not sure I can do this. I mean, my character doesn't seem like he'll do it. I can force him (yes, my main character is a him. How bad am I?) to do it but... will it still stay... natural? Yeah, I think it will... Anyway, on to SHOUTOUTS.


Yichu - Seriously. You tell me NOW? Did it ever occur to you that you might have given me a heart attack if I didn't already know? Did you?! LOL I like you just the way you are though *hugs*.

Chris - Make the calls... please!! Haha... Hey come back! What's taking you so long?

Jackie - Aha, my story's so bad you gotta see me?! Oh man.

HK - I miss you... you said you were coming on David's birthday... where have you been? Abandoned me, haven't you? *Sniffles* Miss ya. Haha I'm looking at a certain dog's picture... Remember me? I still exist.

Chris Wooding - Teach me how you write!!

Sarah Butler - Not that you'll know it but see you next month LOL.