Jan 12, 2009

Wow. I got the FIRST COPY of Princess Diaries 10!!! As into THE first in the ENTIRE Malaysia!!!!! Woottttt!!!! And I'm the first to read (and finish) it!! Yay now I know how Mia turned out!! OMG J.P.. Michael. It's just too much!! I read Poison by Chris Wooding first on Sunday and let me tell you, that guy is uh-mazing!! I mean, I don't care WHATSOEVER of that genre but I borrowed a book by him (Storm Theif. Go see my review of it) and after that I was blown away by his writing! So I Googled him and found out about Poison, so I bought it. I read it and it was so amazing!!! I just... I hate the genre but I'll always read that genre of books if it's by Chris Wooding!! Oh great. I'm obsessed over a 30 yr old man. Grreeeaaat. And he's THIRTY!! He's so accomplished! That's a very young age for an author!

And as for PD10... Wow. I've been waiting for MONTHS to get it!! It just premiered on the 6th in the US. I went to Kinokunia and asked for it then left my number (after buying Poison). Just before dinner she called and said it arrived!! Then after dinner, since we were so close we could see it, we went back to KLCC and bought itttt!!!! Obviously I ain't telling you the ending!! That'd be just plain WRONG. Let's just say I finished it on Sunday too... I couldn't quit reading it. It's the last in the entire series!!! Amazing!! All I'll tell you is that Michael's come back from Japan and Mia smelled him... It sounds weird, I know, but read it and it won't sound weird AT ALL!!

I'm scared but I can't say why. I know why but I can't really say it... So instead let's just do today's SHOUTOUTS!!


Liyana - Hey girl... bye. Haha nothing much to say today. I wrote like an entire page an a half for my next novel so I'm WIPED!!

... Teacher Sylvia - See ya tomorrow!

Zac Efron - OMG ILY!!! ILY stands for I Love You, btw. Not that you're ever gonna read this. Unless... *plots*

Yichu - LOL it's easier if I just use this name. No questions asked. LOL.