Jan 16, 2009

Yeesh who's this talking to me? Like I'm on the DIOH chat and someone pops on so I say hi since I'm lonely. And he'd blabbing on in some weird lauguage. He keeps saying 'dsl je parle pas ta longue' which I have no idea what it is and he keeps on saying 'I love you kiss of life'... What's up with that? So I say 'do I know you?' and he's all 'I'm e boy. In China' What on earth?! What is he trying to tell me?? So he's a boy from China. That gives him no right to tell me 'I love you kiss of life'!! Eww haha. I think I prefer guys who don't keep repeating 'kiss of life' to me when I just met them!! Where's Chris when I need him to ban that weirdo for me?? CHRIS WAKE UP!!

Ok... enough about kisses of life. I prefer- oops. No need to write that ahaha. Ok... now this weirdo is talking to me in some crazy language. Ugh!! Where's my Yichu when I want him to get rid of all these psychopaths for me? He'd know how to get rid of 'em! Yeah he would. Ugh! Stupid time zones.