Feb 20, 2009 in

Well, this is my first post all the way from this country where the world is freezing and the sky is 90% of the time it's raining. Well, not today. It's pretty sunny today...

So... as you can see, I'm fine... except for the fact that my mum woke me up at 2:4-something am because she thought it was morning and I slept back at... 5. There's a clock on the right --->
as you can see.

I'm using Liyana's computer now, so... Yay! Aha, don't ask. I'm getting mine soon. A Macbook, if I remember correctly. Woot!!

YouTube, baby!! Eee!! Boy do I miss my lovely YouTube. Speaking of which, I've been watching AI live for the past 2 nights. Liyana's Anoop was... booted. My amazing Danny Gokey was chosen, though!! Danny! Danny! Danny!!! Go Danny!! Woot!! Don't worry... I won't go crazy like I did for my sweetiepie David. Gosh, did I just say that? Man, I'm blaming it on... jet lag. I've been blaming everything on jet lag lately.

Ahaha... if you read my blog and don't read the disclaimer... whoops. I forgot to put up a disclaimer. Heh heh.

o.O okay... I just saw a weird post... O.o The dude's weird. But like David, he's MY weirdo. LOL I think I'd scare him if he saw this post... eh, I've seen way worse. I'm sure he can handle my wrath it.

Ahaha... yikes, that WAS a crazed post. LOL... cRaZy.

Speaking of which, I hate people who type like this:

0MGGG!! I 0FfiCialLy ♥ ZacHarY DaVid Al3xand3r 3Fr0N!! 3333!! H3's ssooo k3wl!!

I mean, can you actually read that with the same speed? 'Cause I can't.

Wait- was I just TRICKED into saying that I thought Edward Cullen is sexy? Jeez. Though he IS kinda... sexy. *Gulps* And I vowed never to say that. I've OFFICIALLY SURRENDERED myself to the world of insanity. Great. This sucks so much. Edward Cullen, stay OUT OF MY LIFE!!!

And as for Zac...

hot zac Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow... h-h-ho-hottttt *drools uncontrollably*. Beyond my dreams.

Typing of dreams, I once dreamt of Zac... you don't need to know what it was about. Let's just say... err, sorry. The whole thing would be... explicit to say. Beyond PG. Blah blah blah. Someone (by the name that starts with L. Don't ask) once told me to have PG rated dreams. I'm horrible. Someone install the innocence of a 6 year old into me again please. Sorry. Again, please blame it on jet lag. Eh, compared with... something, this is NOTHING to apologize for. Ahahaha.

Gosh I just said something... weird to someone on a diff site. Man, why am I spamming the boards with shirtless pics of Zac?