Feb 5, 2009 in

I'm bored.

I wish I could get my book published... I really want to. Maybe when I go to the U.S. I can!! Maybe. Maybe... but seriously. Who wants to read a book written by a TWELVE YEAR OLD?! If I were the reader I most certainly wouldn't!! Seriously. That's why I always liked the idea of writing under a pen name, you know? I still haven't finished the book yet, though. It takes such a long time... a lot of love and labour goes into it... Ugh maybe I'm in love with Daniel Lemming. I could spent a whole day just describing how flawless and perfect that dude is. And as for Hope? I spent every second on her emotions, just trying to figure out how to make girls jealous of her! Aha I think I did a way better job of that in the first one, though. LOLZ she just sounds like a love-sick, sad, torn, abused, etc, girl. Eww what a bad way to project my main character. But, of course, Daniel isn't half as... abandoned (?) as she is!

... now what? Anti-Twilight again? Fine. You asked for it!!

I just went to Taylor Lautner's site... it has a big fat picture of him on it while it is 'loading' or in other words 'just pretending to load so you can oogle at him'. Even after it finishes "loading" it has the same pic of him, only in color!! Ugh that is disgusting. You know, I just realized that I've watched one of his movies; "The Adventures Of Shark Boy and Lava Girl"... Eww that movie was so lame!! Ugh he's so eww!! Remember I said he was hot? Well that was because of the pic's angle!! The pic on his OFFICIAL SITE should represent him, and if the pic there is ugly (which it so clearly is) then so is he!!!

And as for Robert Pattinson? Eww just searched for him on YouTube. Listening to 'Stray Dog' now, and let me tell you: bathroom-singer-voice. Or maybe a bit better and a... restaurant singer.

I have nothing against Stephenie Meyer, however, and though I fail to have opened the book sitting in my room, I have no doubt that her writing is perfection!

The actors, however, fail to impress me.