Crazy Message From KOREA, Baby!!

Feb 17, 2009 in

Ooh la la! Sitting in the Business Area of the lounge... aha this place has the Internet + Computer = very happy me!! Only thing is that there are... older people around me doing their Business. o.0 I'm wack today. Sorry.

Now, how should I bore you to sleep? Oh yeah... the keyboard is really fat... aha the keys itself are like 3/4 of an inch thick 0.o

Err... the flight to Korea wasn't that bad, but I'm dreading the trip to San Fran... ahaha.

OMG why do I have a certain someone's blog open and I'm reading it hungrily? Man, I'm turning into his stalker. Oops, I had one of THOSE before. I'd better not tell him or else he might freak out like I did.

Jeez, I wish the Korean guys were more... looked more like the actors? Aha...

I'm bored now, jeez.

Chao babes!! Or... =p